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Jean Button

Jean Button

*Jean Button Type: Rotating/Plastic Nylon Insert/Single Prong/Double Prong

*Jean Button Size: 15/17/20mm

*Jean Rivet/Burr Size:6/7/8/9.5/12.5mm

*Material Options: Steel/Stainless Steel/Brass/Zinc Alloy

*Nickel Free Eco-Friendly Plating Finish

*Please send us an inquiry for product model, plating, painting and other technical details.

A jean button and prong tack, are small metallic fastener used in securing jeans. It is usually made of metal and is attached to the fabric to reinforce areas that experience high tension, such as the pockets or belt loops. The jean button adds durability and aesthetic appeal to denim garments.

Application Fields: Denim Jean clothing/Jackets/Craft DIY/Uniform/Leather

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